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Fresh Bites

Charlotte’s dining scene is booming, and we’ve got dozens of new restaurants to prove it. From casual spots to high-end eateries and everything in between, here are some of the latest, greatest additions to the Queen City’s growing list of places to add to your must-try list.

Garden Party

For years fruits have had all the fun as drink mixers. But your happy hour just got healthier because the latest trend behind the bar is crafting cocktails featuring flavors picked from summer’s vegetable gardens. From carrot concotions to boozy beets, these inventive drinks go far beyond brunch’s Bloody Mary.

The special ingredient in some of Charlotte’s best cocktails may shock you—but it’s delicious

Mushrooms are getting a makeover. From a decadent truffle creation to a Manhattan made with foraged fungi, innovative mixologists are incorporating this unexpected ingredient into some of the city’s best libations. In The Woods It should come as no surprise that Heirloom Restaurant, known for its foraged fare and locally-sourced drinks, would be one of the first to offer this…