Destination Charlotte

A Charlotte couple forgoes plans for a mountain home to create a vacation spot right in their own yard.

For Peter and Mary Beth Hollet, it was all about finding a vacation home. The couple had toyed with the idea of buying a North Carolina mountain getaway for several years until it dawned on them: why not create their own vacation right here at the house they love in Charlotte?

Situated on the golf course at Quail Hollow, the Hollets’ side yard boasted much more potential than what it was currently being utilized for: a pool and indoor/outdoor cabana. “We knew all along that we could do so much more with the side yard than what we had in place,” says Peter.

The Hollets approached architect Chris Byers of the RBA Group Architecture & Interiors to help design an outdoor living space and adjacent pool house that met their needs—a 25-yard lap pool for Peter, competitive swimmer, to train; a heated and air conditioned dwelling that the couple could use for creating their artwork as well as to entertain; and an outdoor area to serve as a place to relax as well as have friends over to enjoy.

To put the design into motion and bring it to fruition rested in the hands of project manager Brian Storm of the general contractor firm, Andrew Roby. “The key was to make sure that the existing home and new construction fit seamlessly as though they were built at the same time,” says Storm. This proved to be a challenge as the home boasts modern architecture with many straight lines and angles, which are often more difficult to create exactly and precisely than a more traditional home with curves and molding. Undeterred, Storm and his team tackled the project head-on and built what the Hollets say surpassed what they had envisioned for the space.

The two-story pool house is sleek and modern, a mirror image of the Hollets’ existing home. Reclaimed barn wood from Gastonia is featured on the stair treads while blonde wood lines the ceiling just as it does in the main home. The dwelling also features ample natural light, a result of the addition of several floor-to-ceiling windows including a trifold, which allows for a seamless indoor-outdoor transition. An adjacent breezeway, which was added due to code restrictions, turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it provides a shady spot for relaxing and afternoon lunches and early evening dinners.

The Hollets could not be more pleased with how things turned out with their new “vacation” home. “We love our home and where we live so it made so much sense to stay here and create exactly what we were looking for,” says Peter. And that is exactly what they did.

Photos by David Ramsey Photography