Easy Elegance

Style and comfort blend seamlessly in this inviting home.

Katherine and Patrick Shaw knew what they wanted with their home—but had no idea where to begin. “Katherine has an amazing personal and sense of style and always looks polished and fantastic,” says Charlotte-based designer Traci Zeller of Traci Zeller Designs. But when it came to the interiors of their home, the Shaws struggled to pull together that same stylish look that Katherine creates on her own each day. “They had this gorgeous home with this beautiful architectural envelope,” says Zeller of the Shaws’ home, located on the border of Foxcroft and Myers Park, “but they just didn’t know how to tie it all together to create one cohesive look.”

Which is exactly why the Shaws were growing frustrated with their home’s look after having lived there for more than a year. “They knew there were things they did not like about the space and how it looked and was functioning,” explains Zeller. “But they could not necessarily capture it on their own.”

Zeller started the updates in the Shaws’ master bedroom, a room which had puzzled the couple. “The room is a bit awkwardly shaped,” says Zeller of the asymmetrical design elements of the room. The bed wasn’t centered on the wall, resulting in an odd placement and too little space for a sitting area. Zeller’s tweaks—adding furniture and fabrics with softer lines and finishes, moving the bed so that it was centered on the right wall, removing the ceiling fan and adding a chandelier and centering it over the bed—transformed the room into the sanctuary the Shaws had envisioned for the room.

The family room was overhauled in much the same way: a too-small sofa and coffee table were replaced with pieces that took advantage of the expansive space while still creating a cozy, welcoming feel. Durable yet stylish upholstery that could stand up to the wear and tear of the Shaws’ two young sons instantly elevated the style and practicality of the room. And window treatments in neutral fabrics now seamlessly tie together the entire living area, including the family room, kitchen, and adjacent breakfast nook—three spaces that previously felt out of sync with one another.

While the Shaws didn’t want anything “too precious” in the home, says Zeller, the couple did splurge on elegant fabrics in low-traffic areas of the home, such as a pair of chairs in the family room and some of the bedding in the master bedroom. “These little elegant touches add just that little touch of elegance to each room that was missing before,” says Zeller.

Though the Shaws had the vision for their home, it took Zeller to bring it to fruition. “Sometimes it’s just hard for people to pull it all together,” she says. “They know what they want, but just aren’t sure how to bring it into their homes.” Luckily, the Shaws knew exactly who to call when they needed to make the changes in their home so that it reflected their personal style. “This project turned out fantastic,” says Zeller. “It’s now exactly what they imagined it could be.”

Photography by Dustin Peck.