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From Cam Newton’s Versace pants to Jimmie Johnson’s Gap ads to Richard Petty’s famed hats, Charlotte’s sportsmen have a sartorial swag that plays on long after the buzzer. We checked in with some of the city’s most dapper sports figures for the scoop on their latest styles.



Cam Newton

Carolina Panthers Quarterback

Cam photoHow would you describe your personal style off the field? 

Versatile. Colorful. Confident.

You have really become known for your podium fashions. How do you choose an outfit?

Everything I wear is either picked out completely by me or is a collaboration between my assistant, Shain, and myself. We usually start with the shoes and go from there.

What’s next for your clothing line, MADE by Cam Newton, at Belk?

For this spring and summer, we have plenty of bright colors, cotton v-necks and collared shirts, and some great patterned shorts. And you will continue to see a great selection of suits, sport coats, and slacks for pretty much any occasion.
When you are hanging out with the kids that are part of your foundation, do you try to talk to them about style and the importance of dressing well? 

Not specifically, but in a broader sense I think my message of expressing yourself and making the best impression possible on those around you can be applied to style as well. I tell kids to not be afraid to be great, and to work hard to become the best possible versions of themselves. This message is mainly used in discussing a kid’s approach to school and life, but I think expressing yourself through style and dressing appropriately are important, too.

How tough was it to wear the ugly Christmas sweater with the Ride Along guys?

Not at all! The ugly Christmas sweaters are like a holiday tradition at this point, and with the Dab phenomenon last season, it made perfect sense to incorporate the sweaters in our Santa Cam’s Surprise Sleigh event.



Jimmie Johnson

Six-Time NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion

JJ_2How would you describe your personal style?

I would have to go with super casual. I like to just be comfortable; most of my days are spent in jeans and a sponsor-logoed polo, so being able to just kick back at the house and be casual is good.

What are you most comfortable in?

Shorts and a T-shirt. Anything that is comfortable and practical to chase two little kids around the house all day.

Any go-to brands? Favorite places to shop?

Tabor is a great place to shop—Trunk Club, too, because they come to me. Varvatos and Cuccuini for suits.

You’re married to a model—how does she influence what you wear?

Chani has a great taste in style; she is always pushing the envelope, and her sense of style for sure influences me. I don’t ever want the ‘are you really going to wear that?’ look, so I take her lead.

How have your daughters impacted your style? Do they weigh in on your outfits?

(Laughs) Not yet, but I am sure someday they will. They like when I am around for them to get dressed for the day because I let them wear whatever they want.



Denny Hamlin

NASCAR Sprint Cup Driver

NASCAR 2016: Sprint Cup Series STP 500 Apr 01Describe your personal style.

Hipster with an athletic touch.

We’ve seen you at a lot of black-tie events—what’s your approach to fancy events?

Be a little different, add color, and make sure the suit fits perfectly.

Any piece of clothing over the years that you just can’t get rid of?

It’s tough for me to get rid of any old T-shirts that are comfortable, regardless of how bad they look.

How much does your wife have to say about what you wear and how much do you say about what she wears?

I usually only ask her opinion when I’m stuck on a couple of options. I don’t have much say in what she wears, but she usually knows what I like.

Who’s got a better sense of style —you or your wife?

It’s a tie—that’s my final answer!





Keegan Lowe

Charlotte Checkers Defense

CharlotteCheckers_BestDressed_001What do you look for when buying a suit?

First I look for color, anything that looks good, and then fit. I like them slimmer and more form-fitting. Comfort is important as well because we’re on the road a lot.

What are you most comfortable in?

Just wearing a nice pair of jeans and a T-shirt, or in the summer, lululemon shorts and a shirt.

Do you have any specific favorite pieces of clothing?

I have a pair of army green jogger pants that I like a lot. They’re extremely comfortable, and I can wear them every day, no matter what I’m doing.

Do you have any favorite brands or stores?

My go-to-brand is definitely lululemon for all my workout gear and comfortable stuff. It’s a Canadian company, and being Canadian, I like to support that. Other than that, whatever looks good.

What do you sleep in?

I don’t know if I can answer that.










Thomas Davis

Carolina Panthers Linebacker

4th Annual NFL Honors - Thomas Davis

How would you describe your personal style off the field?

I am pretty laid-back but I love a nice suit. My look has been sort of the “classic man” style.

What does your wife most like to see you in?

My wife is a hat lady. She loves me in hats, especially baseball caps.

What outfit do you most regret wearing?

Oversized T-shirts and jerseys were so popular 10 to 15 years ago. I look at old pictures now like, “What in the world was I thinking?” Also, I used to wear my suits so oversized. I didn’t want to think outside of the box and have straight-leg or fitted pants.

You’ve got a full house, who is the most stylish?

I’ll be honest—after myself, of course—our 14-year-old daughter is the most stylish. She has a crazy shoe game, courtesy of me, and she puts her outfits together well.

Who picks out most of your clothing?

I pick out all of my outfits and the clothing for the entire family, besides my suits. My wife and my tailor collaborate on my suit game, and they do a pretty good job.


Tim Anderson

Charlotte Knights Shortstop

Tim Anderson

How would you describe your personal style?

I have some swag about myself! I have a lot of Jordans, polos—I like nice clothes. I like to look nice. I grew up being taught to look nice. My mom kept me in nice clothes.

What are some accessories you have to have to complete your look?

I have to have jewelry; I have to have a necklace on and a watch. I play in two gold chains. I have to have a crease in my pants. I get them dry-cleaned, but if I’m on the road, I’ll iron my pants to get the crease.

Do you have go-to shoes?

It depends. If I’m going out with my girl, I’ll pull out some Cole Haans, but if I’m going out with the guys, I’ll bring out some Michael Jordans.




Richard Petty

Co-Owner, Richard Petty Motorsports


How often do you change your look?

I can’t remember the last time that I had a big change to the way I look. I’ve had different facial hair and kept up with the trends in the ’60s and ’70s, but now I’m just going with what I have. I have some special Charlie One Horse hats that I wear for Christmas or wear for breast cancer awareness, something like that.

How did the hat thing get started?

I’ve always liked wearing a cowboy hat. I had different racing sponsors when we got into sponsorship. I just said, ‘Hey, I’m just going to wear this cowboy hat so I don’t make anyone upset.’ They are made by Charlie One Horse. There is one lady who makes them for me, and each one is just a little bit different than the other. I met her a few years ago and that was special for her and me. She showed me how she picks the feathers or the different skins she uses and all that. It was a cool deal.

What’s it like to be considered a style icon? 

I’m not sure that I’m a style icon. Maybe that’s not a good thing for the style business. You know, it’s just who I am and what I’m comfortable being. If that’s a “style,” that’s just extra.



John Muse

Charlotte Checkers Goalie

CharlotteCheckers_BestDressed_005What do you look for when buying a suit?

Five of my six suits are Hugo Boss, so I usually start there and look for color.

How comfortable are you in a suit?

I love wearing suits. I’d rather wear a suit out than jeans or anything else. You look better when you’re wearing a suit.

What are you most comfortable in?

Probably shorts and sandals. I grew up by the water so I’m used to wearing sandals every day in the summer.

Do you have any specific favorite pieces of clothing?

There’s a sweatshirt I wear a lot when I’m just lounging around. It’s a NCAA hockey sweatshirt that I got when I was in the tournament my freshman year.

Do you have any fashion role models?

I’ll say Tom Brady. I feel like he’s always dressed really nicely when they interview him after games.











Matt Davidson

Charlotte Knights Third Baseman

Matt DavidsonHow would you describe your personal style?

My style is pretty laid-back. I’m from Southern California and I’m a dad now. I wear a lot of Vans, that’s a Southern California thing. Everything is pretty simple, nothing crazy. You won’t see me with holes in my jeans.

How has being a dad changed your style?

You spend money on styling your baby now. That’s the fun part; they’re cute wearing big-people clothes when they’re small. I put my daughter in all Under Armour stuff, and my wife’s putting her in dresses.

What are some of the brands you like?

Hurley, Billabong. I love Joe’s Jeans and I love lululemon—it’s nice and comfortable. Travis Matthews is great, too, for Polos.














Bilal Duckett

Charlotte Independence Defender

29 April, 2015 - Charlotte Independents Soccer at Bearden Park in Charlotte, NC.

What’s your go-to date night outfit? 

I actually wind up changing three or four times before a date, only to arrive at the conclusion that I should dress for me, not for other people. It’s an endless cycle.

Any style icons that have guided your tastes? 

My father has given me an appreciation for the classics, but I look to guys like Pharrell Williams and Andre 3000 for a bit more creative flare.

What soccer club has the most stylish jerseys? 

Even though I’m an Arsenal fan, I’d have to go with Paris St. Germaine. There’s something classically modern about their kits.

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