Great Scott!

A stylish jewelry store is giving back to Charlotte.

Kendra Scott jewelry is everywhere. The signature pendant necklace is a bestseller at Nordstrom. The earrings are popular at boutiques across the city and, of course, there is the stand-alone store in SouthPark Mall with sparkling case after case of baubles.

Southern women—especially Charlotteans—can’t seem to get enough of Kendra Scott. So you might be surprised to learn the Austin, Texas-based company does almost no advertising, instead choosing to donate to dozens of causes in every city where they open up shop, relying on the goodwill to spread the word. “We do fundraisers almost every day of the week either in-store or in the community and we donate thousands of pieces for auction on a weekly basis,” says Jennifer Arpin, the events manager at the SouthPark store.

Arpin estimates the Charlotte store alone has given away more than $300,000 in donations this year. Companywide that number is close to $3 million.

The women that work in the SouthPark shop even carry around bags of baubles to give away on their own time if they spot a woman in need of a pick me up. “It’s incredible,” Arpin says of working for the company.  “We even get to do ‘Kendra Acts of Kindness’ throughout the year, where we’re allowed to use the company card to fill someone’s tank or if someone comes in the store and is having a bad day, we’re empowered to gift anyone at any time.”

They’re also becoming known for their color bar parties where groups of women come in and custom design their own pieces using the gemstones. The store provides the champagne and cupcakes. “Kendra’s vision is to bring the community into the store,” says Arpin. “And we have a lot of fun doing that.”