In the Bag

Each year, there are four events that Charlotte designer Douglas Rose looks forward to: a New York Rangers game at Madison Square Garden with his dad, a trip to the Masters with his wife, a Yankees game with his son, and a fall weekend of golf with his best friends. These significant days help keep him connected to the people and places he loves—and create a sense of tradition. It was that feeling that Rose wanted to evoke with his new eponymous line of travel and golf bags. The bags, which are designed to appear vintage and are inspired by European travel, start around $640. We caught up with the father of four and Davidson grad to talk luxe leather, logos, and what’s next.


What inspired you to launch the brand?

My dad was in the textile business for many years with his dad. My mom was a buyer for Saks in the city. When I think back to my story there’s a connectivity to fashion and design. It stems from a love for things that are a little bit vintage and sort of nostalgic.


What’s the significance of the Douglas Rose owl logo?

To me, the owl is a symbol of generational wisdom and a little bit of swagger and athleticism so it just felt right. Even the brand’s imagery is meant to evoke this communal aspect of men who do the things they love in the places they love with the people they love.

Did you ever imagine you’d be doing this?

I don’t feel like I’ve written this story, I feel like it’s been written for me in a lot of ways. I feel like a huge part of it, which we haven’t really established yet, is the storytelling aspect which I’m starting to dive into—using the website as a platform to tell other people’s stories. I wanted to also integrate into this the opportunity to tell people’s stories and celebrate those.


From concept to execution, what goes into making the bags?

From the first meeting with the designer from Coach who helped with the technical side to really having it ready to launch, it was close to two years, which is about a year longer than I thought it would take. This whole process has really been a story about me not knowing what to do, and finding people who can help, and being willing to admit that this isn’t just my story. There have been a lot of people who have collaborated with me to make this a reality.


What’s your vision for the future of Douglas Rose?

Right away, we’re developing new products, starting to create things that are more everyday use—a work bag which I’m really excited about, a journal, wallets, and folios. I’m also really excited about creating a print shop—having some really high-end stationery with masculine themes. I think the goal is to meet as many people that identify with this story I’m trying to tell and just get them on board and excited about what we’re doing.