Knit for a Queen

From the plush Queens Road to the brewery-inspired Life in the South, Queen City Yarn pays homage to Charlotte.

When Christen Clement, 36, first moved to Charlotte six years ago, knitting saved her. She’d host fellow yarn crafters at the SouthPark apartment her family had at the time for wine and knitting, the fun hobby she learned from her mom. Those gatherings inspired a friendship with Janis Ficker—and eventually a business.

In October 2016, they each invested $500 and launched Queen City Yarn as a tribute to Charlotte and the craft they love. Mixing acid dyes to create their own colorways, they use locally influenced names, from the sparkly Uptown Yarn to Can I Just Order a 40, about the long beer line that time at Camp North End.

“We have tied a lot of the Queen City into our business,” says Ficker, who is 37. Adds Clement: “We’ve been inspired by so many things in and around Charlotte. It’s the perfect place for us.”

Find the skeins at Baskets of Yarn in Plaza Midwood and at