Shop Talk

Ariana Hardiman and Trish Mears became fast friends after Hardiman snapped a few family photos for Mears. Mears is the founder of Capella, a fashion website and blog designed to help women put easy but glamorous outfits together for everything from carpool to date night. The two women now work together full time to curate collections from designers across the globe and have just started taking their act on the road thanks to a sprinter van turned pop up shop.


CAPELLA_by_Ariana_Clare-21How did you get started?

Mears: We launched Capella last September. I went to New York to check out different designers and understand the lay of the land. For years I’d followed different bloggers in different parts of the world and I started shopping for my friends. I was doing it anyway, so I thought, “Why not try to do it and bring curated collections to Charlotte?” Then we got the Mercedes sprinter van in February and started doing pop up shops around town. We’re heading to Charleston soon.


How would you describe what you offer?

Mears: We’re not very trendy and if it is, it’s less expensive. We’re more staples for your closet. We like to mix it up and do our own thing but it’s definitely more staples and your basics; that’s a huge part of Capella.

Hardiman: We do have a bit of a bohemian side. We have beach hats, fun cover-ups, things you can take with you when you’re traveling, and hats. Hats are big for us. Why? I feel like it’s so hard to find a good hat!


Where do you find the pieces you feature?

Mears: We find most things in Australia and Paris, which seems crazy but they make really good quality things for a really good price. Anything under $100 sells pretty quickly and we want to carry stuff that anyone can feel like they can buy.


You are growing fast!

Hardiman: Since we started heavily focusing on the blog as much as Capella the site we’ve started growing rapidly. Around February we had 3,000 followers on Instagramand now we’re up to 17,000. We’re both working full time on it.

Mears: Charlotte is our home and the people we love are here, but I also ship out orders internationally all the time to places like Germany and Australia, and we have clients across the country in Atlanta, Dallas, and California.