Sponsored Content: How a new mattress can help you recover from a boozy night out

Buying a new mattress can seem expensive and even excessive if you’re not planning to move to a new apartment or home. But switching out a new mattress every five to seven years can provide you with immeasurable health benefits — including a decrease in the amount of recovery time you need after a night out at the breweries.

And sleep deprivation can be a real concern at any age. The deprivation effects from not sleeping well include impaired brain activity, weakened immune response, weight gain and even becoming accident prone. And your old mattress from your college days is potentially contributing to your back pain after a night out in NoDa. In fact, The National Sleep Foundation recommends you change your mattress every five to ten years for optimal sleep.

If you’re still sleeping on mattress that’s as old as you are, you may be setting yourself up for sleep deprivation effects that can turn into serious health problems. Lack of sleep is associated with heart disease and even Diabetes II, which will cost you more money to treat, and even put you at risk of an early death, than buying a new mattress every 10 years would.

Bill Pleasants, general manager of Plaza Appliance Mart, hopes more people can see the importance of changing their mattress and turning around their health. “If you have a seven-year-old or older mattress, it’s lost its effectiveness to give you efficient sleep,” he says. “A good night’s rest is very critical for health and being successful.”

To that end, Pleasants hopes people will check out the quality mattresses at Plaza Appliance Mart’s store in Matthews, particularly the Southerland mattress collection. Southerland is a family-owned company that’s been in the mattress business for over 100 years. The choices range in price and comfort, whether you’re a pillow top person or Memory foam lover.

And best of all, the company works with customers on pricing. While it’s possible to buy a mattress online, try it for free and send it back, Plaza Appliance Mart allows you to try many different mattresses at once and get it right the first time. Plus, they’ll pick up your old mattress when they deliver the new one. Then, you’ll be ready for a great night’s sleep — and you can celebrate that night knowing you’ll feel refreshed in the morning.

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