BLT Steak unveils its new Sunday Roast—and it’s positively marvelous

The Sunday Roast may be a quintessentially English meal, but there’s no reason to let the Brits have all the fun. The latest offering from Uptown’s chic BLT Steak is an all-inclusive Sunday meal for $49 featuring a chef-selected roast with accompanying sauces, a classic side (think jalapeno mashed potatoes), and mini versions of the restaurant’s famed fluffy popovers—perfect for sopping up any leftover sauce. Chef Matt Slezak serves up a different tender—and astonishingly large—cut of meat each Sunday. And diners have the authentically British option of enjoying this as a luxurious late lunch (it’s served from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.), or can opt for a more American version of the feast when it’s served again at dinner.

Photo courtesy of the Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte