The Big Picture

Marcy Gregg’s art comes with a second chance story—and lots of joy.

There is no doubt Marcy Gregg is following her passion. The 56-year-old mother of three sold her successful consulting business 10 years ago to paint full-time at her South End studio and has never looked back. In fact, looking back is not something she does often. She lost much of her memory after an infection put her in a coma when she gave birth to her youngest daughter. Gregg woke up at the age of 30 thinking she was seventeen, never regaining those lost years.


unnamed-1How did what happened to you influence your art?

I knew God had saved me for a reason and it was for the future, and that acceptance helped me go forward. Every day I paint, I experience such joy when I stand in front of the canvas and I hope each painting portrays some of the joy and gratitude when I paint. I really do believe I have been given a second chance and that’s what I’m trying to put out there with my work.


Describe your work and what inspires you.

It’s abstract. I think I draw the viewer in because I want them to interpret my work. I love for each of my paintings to leave something to the imagination. My goal is that the viewers are going to see something different every time they look at it and never get bored with the painting. I’m really inspired by color, architecture and geometric shapes. We were in Charleston…and I’m looking down the alleys and at the way the buildings meet and the lines cross. Everyone else is looking at the big beautiful churches, and I’m looking down the alleys at the gates—that’s why I love to go to Charleston.


Tell us about your process.

At the beginning of every painting, I take a blank canvas and I write very boldly a Bible verse and over that I paint the painting. The people that buy the painting don’t ever see the Scripture; it’s completely hidden, but I know it’s there. It’s also in small print on the back of the frame of the canvas, so if they ever see that, they’ll know it’s there. It’s there for me as I paint as a reminder to me about where I came from.

Gregg’s work can be found at Charlotte’s Anne Neilson Fine Art gallery or online at